Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Brave Ladies

An eternal problem among all the women in this world: how to get rid of undesirable pelage? Though, in our modern world there are numerous ways of having your legs hairless for weeks. Shaving is the most harmless way of getting rid of the hair. The others are more painful and demand the treatment of the skin after each procedure, since, it may result in negative consequences for the health.

After removing the unwanted hair, the skin, first of all, should be disinfected and soothed. This will help avoid the appearance of red spots and itchy areas that were disturbed. Here is the use of antiseptic lotions with softening and anti-inflammatory ingredient, such as aloe, chamomile, green tea extract, will be of a great benefit. If after depilation there is a feeling of discomfort or burning, put a cold compress.
The next step is softening and moisturizing of the skin. This will prevent from possible dryness or peeling of the skin. Use an emollient cream or oil with additives of aloe, chamomile. You may also use the preparations containing Panthenol.

During the first 7 days after the hair removal, it is prohibited, to use cosmetics, which includes irritants, such as alcohol. And within two weeks after the procedure of hair removal, it is undesirable to have sunbathes, because this can cause hyperpigmentation.

I know that the majority of women like to use the epilators. I have a receipt of a good folk remedy after epilating. You should take 20 ml of oil from grape seeds, 6 drops of lavender essential oil, and 3 drops of chamomile oil. You will have a great remedy for your skin after it had been gone through the painful procedure of getting rid of the elements that were an inherent part of it.

After waxing, the chafing of the skin is a rare occasion, so if you have an eruption, there is a high probability that it is an allergy. The dermatitis usually occurs because during the waxing, skin particles are torn out with hairs. Due to the vulnerability of bacteria developing in the damaged area, folliculitis and even a staph infection may be the results of the waxing. Lately, more and more cases of inflammations and infections caused by waxing became more frequent. After waxing, it is not recommended, to visit the bath or sauna during the day.

The dermatitis after hair removal is caused by bacteria. Your task is to neutralize them and soothe the skin. Many women use after epilation an ordinary cream for men or the lotion after the shaving for sensitive skin. Baby cream will also be the excellent way to soothe your skin. However, it is also necessary to remember that every woman has a skin type that is inherent to her only, that is why it is of a great importance, to choose the right way of getting rid of the undesirable hair.

All in all, our women are heroic when it comes to the hair removal. You are beautiful, our ladies, and we, men, appreciate what you do in order to have such a smooth skin!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Honey and No Hair

Earlier in the centuries women were not so disturbed about the hair on their legs, or arms. Nowadays, the hair removal is one of the main things to do for a woman when she is getting ready for a date. Undesired body hair is not only a problem of a female half of our population; men are also anxious about removing the hair from their bodies.

As our technological world is developing we have more and more new ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair on our body. The razor is a most common and quick way to remove the hair. Still, there are a lot of women who have tried the epilators, even just for interest. Nevertheless, this device is a bit fearsome for them as it may cause pain, as they think. Though, there are so many variations of this device that can ease the process of epilating that we cannot imagine to ourselves.

I would be afraid of the waxing. I cannot even think about it without shuddering. In this article I would like to focus on the type of waxing that is connected with honey. It is very curious, but honey is such a versatile product that can be used in different spheres of our life. It is not only the product to eat but also an auxiliary product in many other substances.

So, if you are eager to remove the hair without leaving your house, you just have to buy honey. And do not hope that it will not be painful. Though it will be delicious, especially for sweet teeth.

One of the common ways of getting rid of the undesired hair is the sugar-honey waxing. It is a safe way of removing the hair, and not that expensive. A handmade hair remover made of natural products that will cause no harm to your body.

The most popular combination is honey-lemon. Being a fan of honey, I would enjoy this procedure. Such kind of wax may help remove the hair easily from the very root. This method was used in the Middle East for centuries. What is more, you will save money by making this kind of wax at home.

Moreover, honey waxing benefits to your health. First and foremost, it is natural; it’s better for your skin. Unlike the modern ways of hair removal, honey made wax will not make trauma to your skin, and will not cause a skin damage. It is less painful because you do not rip the hair off with the skin, but only the hair.

Of course, you heard about the occasions when the women suffered in the salons in the process of waxing or laser. You should know that using the honey wax you will not burn your skin. What is more important, you will not have an opportunity to be infected. In the salons you may be given not a proper level of sanitation, and consequently, you will have problems with your health. As they say, beauty requires sacrifice. Still, do not hazard your health and choose the less harmful ways to make your body beautiful.

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