Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to choose the best epilator for your needs

Everybody knows that hair epilator can make your skin smooth and silky. This unit has rotating disks grasping your hair and yanking it out by the roots. But, nowadays there’s a big variety of epilators and sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect one. Today our article is about that.

There’re two main types of epilators: the electric epilator and the battery-powered one.

The battery-powered epilator (cordless) is more useful than the electric one because you can use it everywhere. But the advantage of the electric epilator is that you can use it not worrying about spare batteries.

Also, there are different additional types such as epilators with rotating disks, with a spiral of rotating wire, tweezers, etc. but still epilators have more advantages than other methods of hair removal. Their main disadvantage that they cause some pain, that’s why it’s necessary to choose the epilator with the best options.

1. Wet epilators

If the unit has such an option, then it can be submersed in the bath. The main con is that the warm water can reduce the pain. Such type of epilator is perfect for legs, arms and chest. We strongly offer you not to use such method for bikini zone.

2. Dry epilators

The main con of such unit is that it’s more powerful as the wet one and it can remove more hair. Of course, it will be more painful for you. To reduce the time of such a “tortures”, use the high-speed epilator.

3. Hair guard

This option provides plastic caps which are used for the skin protection. Sounds really good, but the researches have shown that this unit is quite ineffective and do not prevent from damages.

4. Men epilators

Men need their own type because their skin is not such as women have. To avoid clogging of the machine and the hair breakage under the skin, they need more powerful units with large openings and big head. Such epilators are not recommended for women, they can cause skin irritations.

5. LED light

This unit is perfect for half-light rooms, because it lit up the skin area and it becomes easier to see the missed hair.

6. Cleaning function

Most units have such function. It provides a brush with cleaning bristles that cleans tweezers. If the epilator doesn’t have such a function, try the other one.

7. Epilators with soft disks

Some epilators have soft disks instead of a metal one. But such devices, promising less painful process lose their grip during some time and the epilation process becomes even longer.

8. Facial epilators

Don’t try to use the ordinary epilator on your face. Facial epilators have small rotating disks and usually they have a LED light function.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Questions To Be Answered Before Going For A Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is one of the most famous hairs removing procedure to be opted by people nowadays. The results of this procedure are quick and efficacious due to which it has gained much attention. However, it is always nerve-wracking to go through any procedure which is directly related to skin or body in whole.

Here are some answers to the questions which might be wandering in your mind if you are considering hair removal through laser.

What is laser hair removal?
It is the removal of hair by means of the application of laser on the skin. The laser beams are of a specific wavelength and they disable the hair follicles. As a result, hair stops growing.

Does this treatment harm body skin?
No, it does not. The laser emitted only targets the melanin in the hair follicles. Skin and other tissues remain unaffected.

How many sessions do I need for proper clearance?
There are a number of factors that govern the time period or you can say number of sessions required for complete clearance. It depends on the type of skin, domains of the body and size of the area to be treated. It usually takes 4-6 sessions but if your follicles are resisting and stubborn it may take 6-10 sessions with the gap of at least 4 weeks in between. It also depends on the age factor and hormones.

Who are better candidates for this treatment?
This treatment is best on people with dark or pale skin. Unfortunately it works to the minimal extent on people with darker skin and blond hair. But there is nothing to worry about; improvements are being introduced to laser treatments.

Is the treatment permanent?
Laser hair removal does give you long lasting results and if by any means you're lucky they zapping of hair follicles may be permanent.

Is the treatment safe?
Well yes this treatment is safe. But that doesn't mean that you can blindly trust anyone or any clinic to perform this procedure on your skin. Never go to places that offer you a discount. Always get treatment from trained technicians. Make sure the beauty clinic from which you're about to get your treatment is well known for its procedures and doesn't have any bad history.

What area of the body can be treated with laser?
Laser treatment can be done on any part of the body!

How costly is it?
This treatment is quite expensive. It can be a major pain for your wallet and can cost you $2000 to $3000. Touch-ups which are optional can add more cost.

At what age is laser treatment safe?
If you really want then you can have laser treatment at the age of 18. This is the minimum age to have the treatment, below it don't even think about it.

How intense is the ouch factor?
Not too much, Just a slight prick. And just in case the pain is more than that, anesthetic creams are applied on the skin.

About Author: My name is Victoria. Well to attain as surety and confidence about the laser hair removal treatment it is better that you consult not only the professionals but also the candidates who have gone through the procedure. Not only that, you must dig information from the internet as it can be of immense help to you. And remember, never leave the treatment in the middle as it will not only be a waste of time but also money and you won't even get any results.