Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to choose the best epilator for your needs

Everybody knows that hair epilator can make your skin smooth and silky. This unit has rotating disks grasping your hair and yanking it out by the roots. But, nowadays there’s a big variety of epilators and sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect one. Today our article is about that.

There’re two main types of epilators: the electric epilator and the battery-powered one.

The battery-powered epilator (cordless) is more useful than the electric one because you can use it everywhere. But the advantage of the electric epilator is that you can use it not worrying about spare batteries.

Also, there are different additional types such as epilators with rotating disks, with a spiral of rotating wire, tweezers, etc. but still epilators have more advantages than other methods of hair removal. Their main disadvantage that they cause some pain, that’s why it’s necessary to choose the epilator with the best options.

1. Wet epilators

If the unit has such an option, then it can be submersed in the bath. The main con is that the warm water can reduce the pain. Such type of epilator is perfect for legs, arms and chest. We strongly offer you not to use such method for bikini zone.

2. Dry epilators

The main con of such unit is that it’s more powerful as the wet one and it can remove more hair. Of course, it will be more painful for you. To reduce the time of such a “tortures”, use the high-speed epilator.

3. Hair guard

This option provides plastic caps which are used for the skin protection. Sounds really good, but the researches have shown that this unit is quite ineffective and do not prevent from damages.

4. Men epilators

Men need their own type because their skin is not such as women have. To avoid clogging of the machine and the hair breakage under the skin, they need more powerful units with large openings and big head. Such epilators are not recommended for women, they can cause skin irritations.

5. LED light

This unit is perfect for half-light rooms, because it lit up the skin area and it becomes easier to see the missed hair.

6. Cleaning function

Most units have such function. It provides a brush with cleaning bristles that cleans tweezers. If the epilator doesn’t have such a function, try the other one.

7. Epilators with soft disks

Some epilators have soft disks instead of a metal one. But such devices, promising less painful process lose their grip during some time and the epilation process becomes even longer.

8. Facial epilators

Don’t try to use the ordinary epilator on your face. Facial epilators have small rotating disks and usually they have a LED light function.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Questions To Be Answered Before Going For A Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is one of the most famous hairs removing procedure to be opted by people nowadays. The results of this procedure are quick and efficacious due to which it has gained much attention. However, it is always nerve-wracking to go through any procedure which is directly related to skin or body in whole.

Here are some answers to the questions which might be wandering in your mind if you are considering hair removal through laser.

What is laser hair removal?
It is the removal of hair by means of the application of laser on the skin. The laser beams are of a specific wavelength and they disable the hair follicles. As a result, hair stops growing.

Does this treatment harm body skin?
No, it does not. The laser emitted only targets the melanin in the hair follicles. Skin and other tissues remain unaffected.

How many sessions do I need for proper clearance?
There are a number of factors that govern the time period or you can say number of sessions required for complete clearance. It depends on the type of skin, domains of the body and size of the area to be treated. It usually takes 4-6 sessions but if your follicles are resisting and stubborn it may take 6-10 sessions with the gap of at least 4 weeks in between. It also depends on the age factor and hormones.

Who are better candidates for this treatment?
This treatment is best on people with dark or pale skin. Unfortunately it works to the minimal extent on people with darker skin and blond hair. But there is nothing to worry about; improvements are being introduced to laser treatments.

Is the treatment permanent?
Laser hair removal does give you long lasting results and if by any means you're lucky they zapping of hair follicles may be permanent.

Is the treatment safe?
Well yes this treatment is safe. But that doesn't mean that you can blindly trust anyone or any clinic to perform this procedure on your skin. Never go to places that offer you a discount. Always get treatment from trained technicians. Make sure the beauty clinic from which you're about to get your treatment is well known for its procedures and doesn't have any bad history.

What area of the body can be treated with laser?
Laser treatment can be done on any part of the body!

How costly is it?
This treatment is quite expensive. It can be a major pain for your wallet and can cost you $2000 to $3000. Touch-ups which are optional can add more cost.

At what age is laser treatment safe?
If you really want then you can have laser treatment at the age of 18. This is the minimum age to have the treatment, below it don't even think about it.

How intense is the ouch factor?
Not too much, Just a slight prick. And just in case the pain is more than that, anesthetic creams are applied on the skin.

About Author: My name is Victoria. Well to attain as surety and confidence about the laser hair removal treatment it is better that you consult not only the professionals but also the candidates who have gone through the procedure. Not only that, you must dig information from the internet as it can be of immense help to you. And remember, never leave the treatment in the middle as it will not only be a waste of time but also money and you won't even get any results.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Brave Ladies

An eternal problem among all the women in this world: how to get rid of undesirable pelage? Though, in our modern world there are numerous ways of having your legs hairless for weeks. Shaving is the most harmless way of getting rid of the hair. The others are more painful and demand the treatment of the skin after each procedure, since, it may result in negative consequences for the health.

After removing the unwanted hair, the skin, first of all, should be disinfected and soothed. This will help avoid the appearance of red spots and itchy areas that were disturbed. Here is the use of antiseptic lotions with softening and anti-inflammatory ingredient, such as aloe, chamomile, green tea extract, will be of a great benefit. If after depilation there is a feeling of discomfort or burning, put a cold compress.
The next step is softening and moisturizing of the skin. This will prevent from possible dryness or peeling of the skin. Use an emollient cream or oil with additives of aloe, chamomile. You may also use the preparations containing Panthenol.

During the first 7 days after the hair removal, it is prohibited, to use cosmetics, which includes irritants, such as alcohol. And within two weeks after the procedure of hair removal, it is undesirable to have sunbathes, because this can cause hyperpigmentation.

I know that the majority of women like to use the epilators. I have a receipt of a good folk remedy after epilating. You should take 20 ml of oil from grape seeds, 6 drops of lavender essential oil, and 3 drops of chamomile oil. You will have a great remedy for your skin after it had been gone through the painful procedure of getting rid of the elements that were an inherent part of it.

After waxing, the chafing of the skin is a rare occasion, so if you have an eruption, there is a high probability that it is an allergy. The dermatitis usually occurs because during the waxing, skin particles are torn out with hairs. Due to the vulnerability of bacteria developing in the damaged area, folliculitis and even a staph infection may be the results of the waxing. Lately, more and more cases of inflammations and infections caused by waxing became more frequent. After waxing, it is not recommended, to visit the bath or sauna during the day.

The dermatitis after hair removal is caused by bacteria. Your task is to neutralize them and soothe the skin. Many women use after epilation an ordinary cream for men or the lotion after the shaving for sensitive skin. Baby cream will also be the excellent way to soothe your skin. However, it is also necessary to remember that every woman has a skin type that is inherent to her only, that is why it is of a great importance, to choose the right way of getting rid of the undesirable hair.

All in all, our women are heroic when it comes to the hair removal. You are beautiful, our ladies, and we, men, appreciate what you do in order to have such a smooth skin!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Honey and No Hair

Earlier in the centuries women were not so disturbed about the hair on their legs, or arms. Nowadays, the hair removal is one of the main things to do for a woman when she is getting ready for a date. Undesired body hair is not only a problem of a female half of our population; men are also anxious about removing the hair from their bodies.

As our technological world is developing we have more and more new ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair on our body. The razor is a most common and quick way to remove the hair. Still, there are a lot of women who have tried the epilators, even just for interest. Nevertheless, this device is a bit fearsome for them as it may cause pain, as they think. Though, there are so many variations of this device that can ease the process of epilating that we cannot imagine to ourselves.

I would be afraid of the waxing. I cannot even think about it without shuddering. In this article I would like to focus on the type of waxing that is connected with honey. It is very curious, but honey is such a versatile product that can be used in different spheres of our life. It is not only the product to eat but also an auxiliary product in many other substances.

So, if you are eager to remove the hair without leaving your house, you just have to buy honey. And do not hope that it will not be painful. Though it will be delicious, especially for sweet teeth.

One of the common ways of getting rid of the undesired hair is the sugar-honey waxing. It is a safe way of removing the hair, and not that expensive. A handmade hair remover made of natural products that will cause no harm to your body.

The most popular combination is honey-lemon. Being a fan of honey, I would enjoy this procedure. Such kind of wax may help remove the hair easily from the very root. This method was used in the Middle East for centuries. What is more, you will save money by making this kind of wax at home.

Moreover, honey waxing benefits to your health. First and foremost, it is natural; it’s better for your skin. Unlike the modern ways of hair removal, honey made wax will not make trauma to your skin, and will not cause a skin damage. It is less painful because you do not rip the hair off with the skin, but only the hair.

Of course, you heard about the occasions when the women suffered in the salons in the process of waxing or laser. You should know that using the honey wax you will not burn your skin. What is more important, you will not have an opportunity to be infected. In the salons you may be given not a proper level of sanitation, and consequently, you will have problems with your health. As they say, beauty requires sacrifice. Still, do not hazard your health and choose the less harmful ways to make your body beautiful.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Facial Hair removal: A Way to make you prominent in the society

Feeling uncomfortable?

Whenever you move around the society, the first thing which people notice is your face; as people may judge your personality from your face. The result is that at the end of facial treatment, skin starts facing more problems and may get rough even more than before. So the question arises that are there any safe ways to remove hairs? And the answer to this is, yes, there are many, but every method may not be reliable due to the sensitivity of skin varying from an individual to another individual. Therefore everyone needs to select the treatment carefully to live confidently in the society.

Every individual has got its own specification related to the skin and body hairs, which is why it is advisable to opt for that treatment which is according to the type &the condition of your skin.

Hair removal is also dependent on the gender of an individual as male have got thick hair compared to females.

Facial Hair Removal for Males

Generally men have hard& tough skin. During facial hair removal there come many new methods to remove hair. For males the cheapest way to remove hairs is that of shaving. Most of the males who are shaving for a long time, know the actual benefit of it. However a main problem that comes along with it is related to having a dry skin. To make shaving less painful, there are some other methods as well like shaving aftershaves etc but they may not suit to every person’s skin. Still, the irritation cannot be reduced in some cases.

Facial Hair Removal for females

As shaving can be a solution for males, females or ladies who have got aggressive facial hair are looking for ways other than shaving to help their unwanted skin hair.  This is because usage of sharp razors can cause great annoyance and make the fine hair even more thick that women are actually looking to root out in the first place.

Some women are facing problems with unwanted hairs which may be on any visible part of body. Most of the time, they will try to pluck hair to be free; this method is not reliable some people don’t recommend it because it is really painful. So ways that can be considered better than plucking and threading can be to use wax, gel etc. as these ways are less painful than anything else but still they don’t provide a permanent solution. So what can be the solution for getting rid of the unwanted hair from your skin on a permanent basis?

The solution:

One of the best answers is to have a laser treatment or IPL for the effective hair removal from any part of your face such as your eyebrows, cheeks, chin, upper lip and nose hair. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) provide a permanent way to root out the unwanted hair.

It is recommendable to have a treatment from city hair removal, which provides the best services and facilities to remove unwanted hair from your skin according to your feasibility.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal for Active Women

There are many advantages of laser hair removal for active and athletic women. The first advantage pertains to women who are competitive athletes. In competitive sports such as triathlons, bicycle racing, marathon running, and swimming, the margin between winning and losing often comes down to a fraction of a second.

If you are a woman and you are a competitive athlete, it is worth your time and effort to find ways to not only increase your strength and stamina in your sport but also to take advantage of any opportunity that might give you the cutting edge.

Laser hair removal is beneficial for swimming because it creates less friction in the water. Hair removal also helps create faster aerodynamics in cycling races. Marathon runners remove hair on their bodies to increase speed and agility and to protect against rash and friction.

Less hair on the human body means less drag and less drag means faster race times for athletes. Removing hair also helps wounds heal faster, especially after a nasty fall. Removing hair also leaves the follicles in the skin open for faster absorption, especially absorption of oils and sunscreens. Athletes greatly benefit from this kind of speed and efficiency.

Hair removal does not only benefit competitive athletes. It can also be incredibly beneficial for active women. Hair removal helps active women prevent chaffing, especially in the groin and underarm area. Less hair means less moisture and less moisture means that the area will be less prone to developing rashes and other skin irritations.

Hair removal also helps improve general hygiene because hair can carry and transfer dirt and other irritating substances. Removing the hair leaves the skin free from contaminants and easier to clean and dry off. Active women also appreciate how they look when they do not have much hair.

They are able to wear active and sporty bikinis, bra tops, and short shorts without feeling self-conscious about their bodies. These women have the advantage of being comfortable with themselves and with how they look in public. They are more likely to try new things and take risks when they feel good about themselves.

Competitive and active women benefit greatly from having laser hair removal. You can find Exception Board Certified doctors that perform laser hair removal in NYC, or in any city which offers the service along with certified technicians to perform the procedure. Olympic athletes use hair removal as a way to gain a competitive edge. Although not all women will be Olympians, it is wise to learn from the best athletes in the world how to achieve the leading edge in an active lifestyle.

After talking to many athletic women who have had the procedure, there seems to be a significant consensus on the advantages laser hair removal has provided.  The women I have spoken to who are tri-athletes have said they do experience a better performance, and say that the mental aspect of the efficiency the procedure has given them is a boost as well. Perhaps it’s the training and natural competitive process, or perhaps procedure really has that significant an impact. Either way they said it is also nice not to have to shave anymore.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Factors that Could Influence Hair Removal Results

Successful hair removal treatment requires more than just a skilled technician overseeing your treatment. There are many factors that can influence the results of your hair removal treatment -- sometimes negatively.

Here are just a few factors that you should consider when planning your hair removal treatment and determining the best course of action for you:

Hair Color

Surprisingly, darker hair is often easier to treat for hair removal. It has more pigment, making laser treatment more successful, and it is typically coarser, making forms of treatment that grab the hair -- like waxing -- more successful.
Light hair tends to be the hardest to treat. There aren't pigments that can absorb the light from laser treatment, and the hair tends to be very fine. White or grey hair would be the most difficult hair to treat.


Complexion can play a role in some types of hair removal. For example, lighter complexions are better suited for laser hair removal as the procedure can damage or scar darker skin tones. Those with darker complexions are advised to find a practitioner with years of experience, particularly with patients who have a similar skin tone.
Of course, everyday procedures like waxing can be performed on any complexion with no complications. However, if you are looking for more permanent treatment, complexion will play a role in the outcome.

Scar Tissue

If you have scar tissue in or around the area that will be treated for hair removal, this can affect the outcome of your treatment. Laser hair removal and other treatments can aggravate the tissue and cause additional scarring, leaving a more unsightly problem than the hair itself.

If you have scarring around the area to be treated, you may need to discuss alternative treatments or may need to select less invasive treatments such as temporary waxing or tweezing.


Herpes is a common infection that can cause problems for laser hair removal and other treatments. Many forms of the virus are common and can lie dormant in parts of the body that would be treated for hair removal, such as the upper lip. Laser hair removal and other treatments can aggravate the area and cause the virus to become active.
Understanding all the factors that could influence your hair removal treatment is important to help you choose the procedure that is right for you. Be sure to discuss these and any other factors you feel might influence treatment with your practitioner to ensure that you have a successful outcome.

Lisa Shoreland is currently a resident blogger at Go college, where recently she’s been researching minority scholarship grants and native american scholarship grants. In her spare time, she enjoys creative writing and hogging her boyfriend’s PlayStation 3. To keep her sanity she enjoys practicing martial arts and bringing home abandon animals.